How to talk about copyright?

Copyright Debate: The Conference Game

There are 52 cards in a deck. Each card refers to a single popular word used in the copyright debate. Prepare yourself beforehand: by reading the cards before the event and selecting cards containing words you expect to be used by the speakers. Every card in this deck has been tagged with appropriate alignment: chaotic (red), neutral (yellow) or lawful (green). The colors are to distinguish words which should be avoided from those which should be used extensively.

If the speaker uses a word to avoid, take the Chaotic (red) card and raise it over your head to make a point in the debate. If the speaker uses proper wording, take the proper Lawful (green) card to encourage him/her and to show your support. Use Neutral (yellow) cards to show the speakers that they are navigating murky linguistic waters. Even very few people in the conference room using the cards can raise awareness of the importance of the copyright language. Share your cards with others if you have enough and refer the peers to